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(noun) When a guy or girl has been pounded in the ass so many times that his/her asshole looks like a really loose vagina. side effects include but are not limited to spontaneous and uncontrollable shitting and namecalling.
I've been fucked so many times in the ass that i suffer from Snatchass.
by leven it up11 January 21, 2012
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(noun) 1. (Usually in pornography); an anus pucker that is not the usual pucker shape, (but it resembles the slit of a vagina), therefore looking like a "snatch" inside of a pair of buttocks. 2. A crabby person; someone who is bitchy; a haggered, withered drug addict; an old fuddy-duddy; (in general), a crotchety, bitchy person who complains a lot.
1. "That guy in the gay porno had a weird-looking snatch-ass because it wasn't shaped like the usual pucker." 2. "That old snatch-ass woman at the nursing home bitched & complained about every little thing." -OR- "You're cracked out snatch-ass needs to go to rehab!" -OR- "My boss is a real snatch-ass. He's never satisfied with anyone's work."
by Hung10Gemini July 21, 2008
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(*I forgot to add a 3rd definition to the earlier 2 that I submitted!*) noun 3. Someone who steals or "snatches" things from someone; a thief; a shoplifter.
"Those little snatch-ass hoodlums were shoplifting in the candy aisle at the store".
by Hung10Gemini July 24, 2008
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