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A derogatory term for a heterosexual male or a homosexual female. Referring to one who spends more time in the depths of a vaginal abyss rather than out, interacting, in the real world.
Jenna: "Hey, where's David?"
Tom: "Oh, he's stuck between Kylie's thighs again."
Jenna: "Oh my god, he is such a snatch goblin."
Tom: "True that."
by oogabooga456 May 22, 2013
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A snizzle demon indigenous to the region between a woman's hair crown and her fun spot; potentially dangerous and known cause of jimmy malfunctions.
Aw, man, my jimmy split last night when I was banging that ho, and I covered her baby tubes with an avalanche of sticky snow. I'm pretty sure there was a snatch goblin in there.
by Sam5232 December 01, 2007
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