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1. A mélange of "snarky" and "syntax" (n): the study of the rules for the formation of rudely sarcastic or disrespectful (snide) grammatical sentences in the English language; often depends largely on the poetic measure, or arrangement, of words in the phrase, or the combining of words to make new obnoxious ones.

2. An unassuming remark or observation that ends on a note facetious, or whose true, deliberate bad taste takes a moment to register or appear as it is "masked" by couth or wit.
-"Have you been on today?"
-"Oooh, no not yet! Why?"
-"There's a story on that celebutante vomiting at a Sotheby's sale yesterday."
-"Ha! What's the snarktax?"
-"The title is simply: 'Vanderbilt Vauction.'"

Example of Snarktax:
-"That's the best thing I've ever" (with little to no emphasis on "today")
by smyles101 May 20, 2008
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