A Snapchat boy is a person who boosts their ego by talking to random girls. They aren’t exclusive to Snapchat, but they mainly operate on there.
Man, have you seen Kyle brag about talking to all those random girls? He’s really a Snapchat boy.
by LiterallyABagOfLays March 31, 2020
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A philandering teenage boy who is popular and active on Snapchat. Such a person often has a very high snap score, and is a very active poster to their story. They also often vape, as well as send and solicit nudes. They may also often use many abbreviations in their Snapchat conversations and on their stories.
Person One: Yo, did you hear what Brent did last night?

Person Two: Yeah, he’s a total Snapchat Boy.
by Not_Snapchat_Boy September 05, 2021
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