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A snake dog is a person who is two faced but also acts like your friend to your face, but never turns up to any of your events neither invites you
Georgia: "like for deets"
1 hour later... Still no reply

Georgia is a snake dog she never invited me to the party

Don't be like Georgia
by SnakeKid July 03, 2016
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The "Snakedog" has existed since 1979 and is widely regarded as one of the most horrible and dangerous animals in existance. The first known sighting of the Snakedog was in 1979 and has since laid waste to most of South American.

This horrible beast is most often 200-400 feet long, and uses it's body to slither like a snake, and it's near-useless paws are barbed with massive razor-sharp claws. There are also reports that the Snakedog can breathe fire.

The Snakedog has stayed in mostly humid climates, and such has since 1979 Destroyed nearly 450,000 square miles of south america, and there are numerous reports of the Snakedog destroying whole villages.
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