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An extremely attractive and appealing person, typically used when wanting to call someone hot.

Can also be referred to as your "Boo thing"/ Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Significant other.

The word Snackadoodle originated by The Kaya Khan. A brown teenage girl, who started the movement in 2017 whilst eating a snickerdoodle cookie and saw a rather stunning male pass by.

Can be used as a Noun, Verb or adjective.
"Damn what a snackadoodle" Said Sammy
"I can't wait to see my snackadoodle Jasmine, this Saturday"

"She a whole ass snackadoodle"
by netflixandchillll May 12, 2018
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It can be a noun or a verb.

It is not a snack. It's a name for something you can't thing of name to make it.
Oh it's a snackadoodle!
by Asfghj123456 July 10, 2016
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