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Smu-llen-ish: adj. & n.

1) a term used to describe an act of selfishness unwarranted and beyond description.

2) to act in an egotistic, narcissistic, narrow-minded and self-centred manner.

3) to exercise ones "Jewishness" and adhere to all beliefs that handouts, whether they be monetary, life tips or general advice, should not be administered to anyone, other than those who are Jewish.

4) to deceive others in order to obtain their riches

Etymology: "Smullen" is a derived from the latin phrase 'unam parvus,-a,-um mentula" meaning "one of small penis"

Historically the name 'Smullen' is of Irish origin, being first recorded in 1840, however, in order to deceive people 'the jews' took unto this name as to conduct secretive missions of 'jewishness' in the disguise of the Irish.
Person A: Oh man i've forgot my money at home and the bus is here. Could you spot me £1?

Person B: Sorry man, I've only got £10 note, I was gonna use it to get a bottle of water... You know how I like my water, only the best for my temple of a body. I can't help it if you're poor. Look I'd help you out but I don't like coins in my pocket. Unless you're willing to give me at least 300% interest?? Might as well do it, I'm sure you've got an exam in about 30mins and the next bus is in 40mins... You should have been jewish.

Person C: (overlooking and hearing the conversation) Damn that Person B guy is acting bare "smullen-ish
by WhoAmIYouAsk? April 24, 2012
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