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A masturbation technique where you take a jar of Smuckers (your choice of flavor), open it and insert your penis, then proceed to masturbate with the jam.

OPTIONAL: After ejaculating into the jar, make a sandwich or bagel with it and give it to your girlfriend, hated brother, or enjoy it yourself.
Random Guy: I totally made my gf a Smucker Fucker sandwich last night!

Random Guy2: Whoa what did she do to you???

Random Guy: Next time she makes ME the sandwich bitch!
by PandaBearPro November 14, 2011
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1)when a girl puts peanut butter, on a dudes penis, giving him the longest and hardest bj ever.

2) also the female may put peanut butter on an object or animal parts, or even on oneself ending in a sexually act.
on facebook:
bliz: "this is peanut butter girl"

donnie: "yea lol she ugly as my bros dog smangers"

bliz: "lol back in highschool i was close to hitting it glad i didnt"

Donnie: "yea but peanut butter is awesome easy smangers"

bliz: "lol shes a smucker fucker"

Donnie: "hahahahahaha OMMGGGGG
i may have to wake everyone up for that
by Bliz and Donnie October 09, 2011
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