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1) (n) Fecal matter with the consistency of a smoothie
2) (n) The after effects of Taco Bell or any other Fakesican fast food restaurant
3) (n) The possible after-effects of losing bowel control, due to too much anal sex
4) (n) An aquatic African
5) (n) Basically Carrot Top's face
6) (n) Definitely not an outdated meme LULZ
7) (v) The act of making a Smoothie Poo
8) (v) Very violent, uncontrollable bowel movement
9) (adj) Teh uber yumzorz!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!!!!!ONE!!!!!!11!!
-I just made a Smoothie Poo!
-I took a smoothie poo in your mother and gave her a UTI.
-I just came back from Taco Bell, so I'ma obliterate your toilet with a smoothie poo.
-Dammit don't sneak up on me! You just made me smoothie poop
-This cake is Smoothie Poo.
by J-ZUS October 15, 2010
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