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Everything and anything, yet so much better. The alpha, the omega. Would be the best possible thing imaginable, but it is far too immense for mortal minds. You must embrace the Smoop, or die. Like God, only much better.
Josh: You smell.

Michael: Fight me.

Josh: Take this!

Michael: *Is protected by Smoop*

Josh: *Implodes*
by SmooppoomS April 26, 2009
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An acronym, loosely formed from the phrase "slow-moving people."
"It took me forever to get off the train; the platform was jammed with smoops who were in no hurry to get anywhere."
by Clarity70 July 23, 2006
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A small extremely cute female duck, who lives in the nook; of which only one exists.
She is the smoop.
by Mr. Snoop December 07, 2008
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The action of first:
Wiping your finger that has just been wiped around the rim of your butthole and or your crotch sweat, followed by:
Swiping this finger in an unsuspecting friends face.
Nick: Hey josh..

Josh: Yea?

*Nick wipes his hand on Josh's face*

Josh: Why the fuck did that smell like dead asshole?

Nick: Because I just smooped you.

by NickPags March 08, 2008
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