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Two members of a couple attached at the face.

The science behind this phenomenon involves a magnetic pull from inside both member's noses that slowly draws them closer and closer until they WHAM! Smash right into each other's faces. This is where the smooching begins.

There is no known cure for the smoocher face and I would advise you stay faaar away because it is HIGHLY contagious among members of the opposite sex.

If you are a smoocher face, please stay away from Carl's Jr. and other public areas because moms are an enemy of the smoocher face and WILL complain about the massive makeout session you won't be able to help havng in front of their 6 year old.
"Wow, kyle and Kirstyn were being total smoocher faces today, like seriously get a room!" <33
by MissAnimeCharacter April 09, 2011
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