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The act of transferring static electricity from one's fingertip to the tip of an erect penis
My nanny used to smokestack lightning me before every bath. I could tell my little sister was jealous.
by J_Cut February 06, 2011
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n. The purest form of raw power available to man. It has the ability to transform boring pep rallies from a nursing home-esque school activity to an event similar to a boxing match.

v. To perform the act of getting high-school students interested in land purchases. (see verb formation technique in lightninging)
"Wow! I still can believe how much smokestack lightning Ambrose has."

"Ever since having been smokestack lightninged by such a wonderful Junior Class President candidate, I feel really interested in that empty lot down the street."
by jacksonwillkillyou May 16, 2010
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