A bar or club rammed with smokeshow. The best place in the neighbourhood to see ridiculously hot women.
“Nick, that place is a total smoke shop. They’re never gonna get let your old ass in there unless you drop a grand”
by Buakk November 20, 2019
A cannabis dispensary, usually in California or some other legal state
Ty Dolla $ign: We gon' hit the smoke shop we gon' get high
by OhhBessell April 5, 2018
Another nic spot that is located on Campus Corner that many OU tards make frequent trips to. This place is also a very common spot for all the brown boys at OU because the owner also happens to be a brown boy so it's convenient since brown people always want to feel that brown connection. The owner also happens to be an avetard so you have to think twice before you do business here since it might be hit or miss. I love seeing avetards making big moves tho, and opening your own smoke shop is the biggest of biggest moves.
I hit up Wicked Clouds Smoke Shop the other day and that hoe is way better than Lifted Smoke & Vape, if you're going to Campus Corner for a smoke shop, only go to Wicked.
by TurnM3Up November 7, 2020
The go to spot in Norman for an avetard nic run. This place helps feed the nic addiction for all the OU tards due to its convenient location near campus. When you walk into the store, you will be greeted by a huge ass fish tank that hasn't been cleaned since the last time OU football won a natty. For some reason the owner of the shop wants to put his hand in that dirty ass fish tank and harass the fish even though he thinks he's petting them. All love to the owner tho because that nigga never IDs and that makes it easy to go in and get whatever you need from the store's wide variety.
I went to TNT Vapes and Smoke Shop to cop some nic and when I walked in, I'm pretty sure the owner was trying to fuck his fish but I just minded my business and grabbed what I needed and got the fuck out.
by TurnM3Up November 7, 2020