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A term reserved for the sexiest, finest looking and most talented women around. Must not be over-used, as the ratio of Smoke Scapers is often low. If a girl is called a smoke scraper she must have a few important details.

Probably a model for some agency, must be at least 5'9, hot and skinny. ridiculous body, can walk into any club in the city they want and knows it. If you with this girl you can usually bulldoze any club door in NYC nightlife.

You will never find a smoke scaper wandering around New Jersey or Hoboken or any bs place. The highest concentrations of Smoke Scapers can be found at lavo, 1oak, ave, SL.
The door is pretty hard to get into but if we pick up these two smoke scapers we can bulldoze this door in seconds.

Lets bring some Smoke Scrapers to the table so we can get bottles all night for FREE.
by DOZER 1 February 18, 2011
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