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The same as a Mingebag, but more elusive and deceitful since they don't possess the whiny irritating voices that have become characteristic of minges. Smithbags find unstable servers on Garrysmod (or any DarkRP server), and get to know the players. They look, act, and sound like a normal player. And then, they bring the server to its *#&!@ing KNEES. This usually happens within a matter of seconds once the Smithbag makes the decision to crash a server. Common responses include, "Wtf lag?" "Whats happening guys" "Why wont my unfreeze work" and "ZOMG guys a smithbag is trying to crash the server ban him!!!"

Related- Smithcycle: When a Smithbag crashes a server and constantly reconnects so he (or she) can crash it as soon as it is up again. Rinse, repeat until bored, then keep doing it anyway.
Noun (Smithbag): "Man, I finally got Traitor and some Smithbag crashed the server. How do you even crash a TTT server? Fucking prick."

Verb (Smithbag): "Man, I took my build server offline because some Smithbag was Smithcycling it for 5 days straight. Fucking prick."
by kudokiller949 November 12, 2011
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A person that is mad over nothing, or butt hurt, acting like a jark because your feelings got hurt.
somebody tells a joke about smith. smith gets mad, and pouts alot. this is called being a smith bag or smiffy.
by soul plane August 20, 2009
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