adriana smith is the girl (me) who is moaning in the song rocket queen by guns n roses. Axl rose fucked the drummers girlfriend in the recording studio and put her real moans into the song. so cute right??
'dude adriana smith is so hot'
by adriana smith January 28, 2023
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When an angry, toxic black person attacks another black (usually) out of a minor or possibly
unprovoked issue. Sometimes the instigator (male) may be trying to test the Manhood of the

potential victim. A black man may do this to appear cool and tough in front of his friends.
Sometimes the instigator may have anger management issues. Sadly this can end tragically for
the black victim or instigator.
Bro' your boy tried to give me the will smith treatment. I know he has issues but all I did was say hi to girl.
by moe-d July 25, 2022
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to address the allegations: mr smith is NOT a pedophile. but he does hate us all;... he made fun of my haircut. (trust me, dhe idd he just doesn't remember it happening he has an old mushy brain)

mr smith said really mean things to someone

he was famous in poland

he stared at josh and it made him cry
person 1: wow Mr Smith amirite
person 2: he made me sad
by joebidenlovesmrsmith September 27, 2023
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A very beautiful girl that will always get the guys
Is that Kari Smith?
Yes she’s so beautiful
by Handybookers November 28, 2021
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To go for a "Slap" (Aussie colloquial) meaning to play slot machines at casinos and pubs.
"After this round, do you wanna go for a Will Smith (Aussie addition)?"

"Nah mate you go ahead, I'll do a Jada Pinkett Smith and sit back and watch you lose the plot"
by Trent the concreature March 30, 2022
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she thinks she can dance but she actually looks like a hobo trying to wank. she also tells girls to eat her out ans she says here shoes are designer but there the bobbing ton market
mis smith told me to eat here out
by I am Mr moose January 30, 2018
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