When someone just got slapped the shit outta them
My girl just Will Smithed me because she thought I cheated on her!
by Cap'nCrunch69 April 4, 2022
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A saying used after someone gets smacked into a new train of thought after someone gets offended over a joke.
"Damn, Twitter is filled with people getting Will Smithed."
by Chris Rock's Cousin March 28, 2022
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To bitch slap someone for many reasons, especially for making fun of someone's wife like Will Smith did to Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.
Chris: G.I Jane 2 I can't wait to see it
Will: Goes up to bitch slap Chris

Guy: Some guy got Will Smithed over a joke damn
by Chris Hansen is the goat March 29, 2022
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A cooler kid than garmild
Boggis should play ghost of tushima with me Tyler smith/boggis
by Light42bird September 1, 2023
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a beautiful girl with lots of friends. all the boys lustfully look at her when she walks by. megan catches everyone’s eye when she flashes her movie star smile. her brown eyes light up a room instantly. she’s the best friend in the whole world and everyone loves her lots.
megan smith is a hot
by ieatkids June 16, 2019
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adriana smith is the girl (me) who is moaning in the song rocket queen by guns n roses. Axl rose fucked the drummers girlfriend in the recording studio and put her real moans into the song. so cute right??
'dude adriana smith is so hot'
by adriana smith January 28, 2023
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