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It's a facial expression between pleasure and sarcasm, followed by a feeling of contentment and satisfaction with a sardonic laugh due to the acts of messengers of ill repute.

The act or process of dimwitted thieves being gutless or too weak to kick down the door to break into a house, therefore their entry is only achieved through breaking windows. The slither into your domicile hoping to steal as what they perceive to be your succulent and precious goods but only take high tech goods and faux jewels which you wore to a fancy dress the night before. It just turns out that they're not up-to-date on their mensa membership because you anticipated the burglary and therefore replaced your expensive jewels for replicas that were purchased from Walmart. Smirklement is a what you feel when you find out that the burglars got caught at the pawn shop and were later arrested for felonious jealousy and third degree jackassery.
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by Rubin Carter February 19, 2018
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