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(N.) A good Smiaroski is a rare type. She is devastatingly gorgeous, but she does not flaunt it. Everyone instantly falls in love with a Smiaroski. A Smiaroski is always in a good mood, and ready to cheer anyone up. She likes everyone, and is disliked by few. Anyone fortunate enough to date a Smiaroski will remember her forever, and will always leave a little of their heart for her. She has the ability to make any situation comfortable. A Smiaroski can melt your heart with a single glance of her beautiful face. She is always down for an adventure, and always willing to hang out. If you are able to find a Smiaroski, never let her leave your life. She will either be the greatest friend you will ever have, the greatest girlfriend you will ever have, or your biggest regret.
Man, I wish I was hanging out with Smiaroski right now instead of Russell.
by futbol.king6 February 27, 2017
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