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1: Another way of saying sexual but in a humorous manner.

2: A video where characters are photoshopped of their bodies using gmod or some image, putting their heads in a black background or another image, then using their soundboard to make them say inappropriate things.
Ugotaphonenumber is a great smexual content creator
by Servbot3779 February 23, 2014
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1)another word rather than saying sexy or smexy
2)emphasizing how something looks
3)to describe something in a cool way
That guy is so smexual
by Laurenn <3 October 27, 2007
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It can mean a couple things:
Firstly, it is a humorous way of calling something sexual.
Secondly, it is a funny name people use to call someone sexy
Aaaaah, Charlie is smexual my ladies, I'm not gonna lie.
via giphy
by whats_yo_name_pussycat March 05, 2018
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