A highly influential alternative rock band led by singersongwriter and lead guitarist Billy Corgan. Second album siamese dream was a mainstream breakthrough. Known for hits "today" "bullet with butterfly wings" "cherub rock" and "1979". Other good rarities include 'rhinoceros' 'drown' 'crush' 'soma' 'mayonaise' and 'hummer'.
bandmates and their functions:
billy corgan: skecthy vocals, extremely well-played lead guitar, producer.
james iha: smooth rythym guitar, ugly-ass modeling.
d'arcy wretzky: rather simple bass playing, sunglasses-wearing.
jimmy chamberlain: fantastic drum beats.
the smashing pumpkins have very diverse, densely-layered music. god bless them. oops, god doesn't exist. oh well.
by liberalwizardtyler November 29, 2008
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When two homo sexual males are fucking doggy style and their balls repeatedly smack each other.
Gay guy 1: Last night when you fucked my ass and we were smashing pumpkins it felt so good.

Gay guy 2: Yea my balls are sore too.
by Dr. Definitions February 04, 2011
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People who are caucasian and in the Crips gang
Yeah, those white fools over there are Smashing Pumpkins, they down, don't front.
by Dan May 21, 2003
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