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The everlasting glowing sphere of fiery power that can sometimes be sequestered from a crate, barrel or will occasionally burst from the womb of the universe. Some go there whole lives without ever seeing the elusive bright shine that can drive even the most lowly knave to supreme glory. Its origins date back to ancient times, (Jan 31 2008). Its raw energy derived from the NUTSACK OF CHUCK NORRIS, shooting from his throbbing urethra, the energy shot forth into the bowels of the universe's cunthole. It gestated for countless millenia waiting for the opportune moment to blast through and reveal its supreme power in a display of unparalleled awesomeness. Gaining the power of the deceptive orb requires cunning, skill, stamina, endurance, luck and pure testosterone. It may last only for a moment, but for that brief instant... you are god.
Nadsack: no... dont get it...

Dude: Im gonna get it!!! IM gonna get the smash testicle!!!!!!!

Nadsack: NOOoOOo!!!

Dude: YES! I GOT IT!

Nadsack: *blown away in blinding light AAAUAHAUAGAHAAGH!!!!

Dude:....I love this game.
by cockjuggling thundercunt October 13, 2009
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