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A gyroscope mounted, Infrared aim assisted and auto targeting light machine gun used by the marines Jennette Vasquez and Mark Drake in the James Cameronmovie Aliens (1986). Also known as "Adios", "Bitch," and the "Independantly targeting particle beam phalanx." God help you if you piss someone off who wields this beast. I want one.

see also, bfg
"Check it out. Indepentantly targeting particle beam phalanx. WHAM! Fry half a city with this puppy :P" Private Hudson onboard the marine dropship.

"LETS ROCK!" "YEAH!!" Privates Vasquez and Drake before going bat shit crazy with the smartguns in the atmosphere processor.

"Hey kid! Theres a smartgun here with your name on it." Unknown colonial marine in the 2010 video game aliens vs predator
by monkeyskitz April 27, 2010
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