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A way of life characterized by poor life decisions, wreckless behavior, regret. A lifestyle lacking moral character.
Slutlife is like YOLO's crazy, homeless uncle. Actions that are too extreme to justify with YOLO are Slutlife suitable.
immoralskankyYOLOwrecklessamanda bynes
by case_o_dilla May 28, 2013
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A lifestyle in which a person visits the beach once, then slaps a "Salt Life" sticker on their car to tell you they've been. Also known as trend sluts, attention whores and posers. Most "Slut Lifers" reside hours, perhaps even days, from the nearest body of salt water.
But they think it's cool....
"Hey Jenny, guess what? I just got back from Myrtle Beach and while I was there I got this awesome "Slut Life" sticker for my car!
It goes great with my rebel flag sticker and half-moon with palm tree stickers I got the last two times I went!"
by Vital Signz May 21, 2018
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Like "salt life" but for promiscuity instead of ocean living.
Jenny has been out three times this week, living that slut-life.
by Bradford James May 26, 2018
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