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A day where things go wrong, when your brain refuses to function properly, you're clumsy and it feels like the universe is conspiring against you.
"I should have stayed in bed, it's going to be a slump day today."
by followurshadow February 27, 2013
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1/20/17 at 12 noon EST, when one of the most gracious and capable leaders the free world has had in the last 50 years will be replaced by one of the most crass, immature, impulsive, and self aggrandizing the free world has ever experienced.
Conservative family member: Woo hoo! NObama day is almost here!
Sensible family member: Great... I'm going to celebrate Slump Day by applying for jobs overseas so I can put as much distance between me and the spectacle that our country has become.
by Good_God_what_have_we_done January 18, 2017
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