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A slang term used to refer to the Slums of a certain place, in this case, London. The (in this case) prefix slum- can be added to the last three or four letters of any country, as long as it sounds good.

Slumdon was formed by the idea of two young people, looking for a place to stay to survive the harsh winters and whatnot in London. The two girls survived by stealing old mens Rolex watches and wearing them around their necks as jewlery. This was refered to as 'Rolex Bling'.

The Rolexs are also sold by the hobos living in this desolate area, spotting a hobo is rare, as they like to hide under cardboard boxes for shelter.

Slumdon is anyones paradise.
As the girls rounded the corner, a dog catcher came up. "May I know what you two girls are up to?" he asked. They both looked rather puzzled. They were simply looking for a place to stay. On his right arm, they spotted a shiny, brand new Rolex. The first girl, Commonly refered to as Big E, smiled. "Why sir, may I see your watch? I can tell you the estimate value of this beautiful jewlery." the dog cathcher looked puzzled, but shrugged and took off the watch and handed it to the girl. "Sir, this watch.. it is most remarkable." The other girl, known as Big M, smiled. "May I see it?" she asked, every so slyly. She took the watch in her hand, and looked up. They ran, screaming:

"Viva La Slumdon!"
by Shenkisshi August 20, 2006
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