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A mix between slag and slut... but the girl is worthy of something. She isn't only known for her man habits.
Boy1: that girl is such a Slugworth
Boy2: why?
Boy1: 'coz she gets around but she ain't all bout the sex
by x_Anon_x April 30, 2006
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1. verb; one who comes up to a conversation intending to talk to someone but just towers over you and listens in to your conversation till your done.

2. verb; one who is rather tall and wears clothes found in the goodwill stores.
3. verb; one who eats peanutbutter for every meal in some shape or form.
4. one who takes stuff out of the garbage intending to reuse it evean though its clear trash.
I was talking to my co-worker when I turned around and almsot had a hard attack because i saw slugworth towering over me with a shirt from the 60's. with his hands trying to fit in his pockets, but only fit up to the first nuckle because the jeans are also from the 60's. smelling of peanutbutter and papers sticking in his front pocket that i just threw away.
by Fruke Supplys March 04, 2004
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