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Slugapov is a creature that resides in the pacific northwest. It is most often seen holding a beer/mixed drink ready to engage in various methods of social interaction. Its natural habitat is usually that of a damp and cool climate. Slugapov actually can shed its natural coat when the temperature reaches into the upper 40/low 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It enjoys this temperate weather and will easily become uncomfortable over anything over 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You can usually observe a slugapov trying to avoid the sun and extreme temperature by sleeping until noon and even much later into the day especially into the summer.

All slugapovs are descended from the motherland of USSR in previous years more commonly known as Estonia and Ukraine. Much of the year in these countries is cold and damp which makes it an ideal region to crawl around in and thrive.

Externally, a slugapov looks very symmetical, but upon a second look one can see that a slugapov has a slight protrusion by its solar plex. This little "pooch" or "gut" is vital to the overall health and well being of a slugapov. It is a notable characteristic that scientists can use to guage the overall health of the creature.
Hey slugapov lay off the beer for a day would you
by Por'que July 15, 2011
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