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Combination of the words sleep and intoxicated.

To exhibit behavior similar to alcohol intoxication such as stumbling into walls, screaming for absolutely no reason, grumpiness, singing bawdy showtunes and Christmas songs in mid October, becoming terrified of inanimate objects, increased and decreased appetite at the same time, extreme consumption of caffeinated beverages and snacks with high sugar content, hallucinations, giggling and laughing sporadically, unintentional staring contests, baking lots of pecan pies, and other random acts, brought on by heroically surviving at least 30 straight hours without sleep.
If any alcohol is consumed, it is no longer sloxication, but intoxication.

The only known cure is an immediate dose of collapsing on any horizontal surface (or nearby friend) closing one's eyes, and letting nature take it's dreamy course.
(Side effects of this cure may include dreams of terrifying proportions. Use liberally.)
(Having been awake for 30 hours)
"Dude, I'm super sloxicated."

"I've got a 12 page paper due tomorrow morning. I think I'll sloxicate myself tonight."

"Why is Frankie sleeping on the floor?"
"Don't bother him, he's desloxicating."

Resident Assistants in college dorms are the most susceptible to this affliction after dealing with a complicated situation.
by AStrange May 03, 2008
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