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A slowgie is a troll shaped mythical fairy that roams the theaters of local high schools. They protect the theaters and make sure that everything is set for the performance. Slowgie's are hard to find because they are crafty and the females are invisible. Slowgies have four legs and eight arms because they have so many activities to complete. Slowgies enjoy to eat dust bunnies because there are large quantities of filthy must around the theater. Whenever you find part of your costume missing, they have torn off a portion to wear for themselves. Slowgie's need clothes too. When the male slowgies are found they are known to resemble gnomes because of how they sleep upsidedown with their pointy heads in the ground. All theater people have either heard of or been associated with slowgies.
Oh my goodness, my smock is missing! Maybe the slowgies got to it. I hear they need clothes too.

May the love of the slowgie shine upon us!

Wow, all the props are put back in place! The slowgies must have done it for us.
by THEATERPPL April 16, 2011
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