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The southern portion of Delaware that is separated from the northern portion of Delaware by the C & D Canal. The residents tend to be much more conservative then the progressive residents north of the canal.
Delaware is a liberal state, except for those rednecks in slower lower.
by 12 Mile Circle September 14, 2010
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Sussex County, Delaware. Delaware down under. Where the water is fresh, the deer run wild, the beaches are hot, the farmers take life slow and easy with no worries. Its the perfect mix of southern hospitality and northern intelligence. Its where all the original delawarians live!
No place like home. Sweet Slower Lower.
by JiggaLowe February 13, 2005
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The nickname for Lower Cape May Regional Highschool located in Lower Township, New Jersey. Most of the students call their school this because they do not like their school. And, Other schools call the students that go to Lower this also
Slower Lower
by Lower Cape High student January 04, 2009
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n. The region of the state of Delaware below the "city" of Dover. Characterized by hicks and farmers. See also fuzzy bumpkin. Best known for being the most ghetto rural area on the Eastern Seaboard.
Most University of Delaware students will never travel to Slower Lower for fear of farmers.
by coprez May 23, 2004
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