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When you take a mighty slurp. Deviation of slurp, sip, suck, etc etc, in a doggo language (cronch, lorge etc etc).

Usually used in a joking manner/sarcastic way to insinuate that you are going slurp something inedible.
Jacob: I heard cup of noodles gives you cancer.

Junior: (sticking a fork in a cup of noodles) Slormp!
by Verycarefully June 13, 2017
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A Slormp is normally a girl or women who is a combination of a Tramp, Slut, and whore. In other words, if she is as slutty as it gets, you call her a slormp.
"Yeah Jamie was at the party, and she had sex with 3 different guys."

"Oh my god what a Slormp."
by Zach4043 June 15, 2007
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