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A sexual move perfected by Tibetan Monks at the turn of the century. The almond is indicative of there brown robes and the sloppiness is simply how they roll.

The move is performed by bending you partner’s right leg behind their ear. Then simply insert your nuts in to their mouth while kicking them in the baby maker.

You know you have perfected the move when your nuts remain in tact at the end of the "experience."
That chick was so drunk last night she was begging for the Sloppy Almond. Instead I slipped her the Filthy Cashew.
by Mc Lovin' October 16, 2007
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A sexual act that involves going balls deep into your partners ass andjizzing before pulling out. Upon removal the girl will then proceed to use her tongue to scrape up any remaining splooge or poop that coats the ball sack. It gets its name from the shape that the ball sack takes on when fully submerged in the poop-hole.
Skank: Oh my God, what smells like shit?

Whore: Sorry, I had some sloppy almonds at my boyfriend's during my lunch break. Didn't have time to brush my teeth.
by sarcastictongue January 30, 2012
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