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1. Clumsy and uncoordinated. If one is clumsy, it is as if they would spill cereal if they were to eat it.
2. Unmannered, rude, or ignorant. Someone can be so rude or ignorant it would be as if they don't know how to eat cereal in a well mannered way i.e. slurping the milk, food falling out of your mouth, etc.
3. Extremely thirsty for the opposite sex. Their thirst could be so real it makes them dumb.. To the point they can't eat cereal.
1. You see that boy trippin'?? Dawg he sloppy with Cereal rn!
2. Shut yo sloppy with cereal face up fo' I shut it for ya!
3. Dawg he just be sloppy with cereal over here! He just want any lady he can find! #sws
by Theycallmerocky April 20, 2015
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