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Someone who follows you around the block and gets with all the girls/guys you've been with, one after another. Maybe this person thinks that he/she is gonna one up you by fucking her/him a little harder than you did. Maybe this person just doesn't have taste in sexual partners and they have to look to you as the decision maker. Maybe in some sick, strange way, he/she just wants to BE you. Maybe it's just a coincidence.
"Man, I had this mothafuckin' slop-slurper tryna be all up on my shit for months man. Three bitches. Three bitches. Motherfucker heard I broke up with Lashay and I could see the fuckin' look in his eyes already. Man, mothafuckin' slop-slurper all up on my shit crampin' my style. Slurpin' that sloppy seconds like a mothafucka."
by marrowbones December 04, 2009
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