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The sexual act of masturbating onto a floor, leaving a sticky or slippery mess (depending on floor surface). An action intended to cause discomfort and annoyance to a female partner in the hope that she treads in the newly applied man-porridge.
*guy applies slippery ninja technique, girl walks into room* *squelch*
Girl: Oh my god that's disgusting! Why would you do that on the floor?!
Guy: I am slippery ninja, and as an owner of ovaries, you are the victim of my mischievous ninja deeds!
by Slippery ninja February 28, 2010
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When one male sneaks upon another male and inserts (slips) his "ninja" into the anal cavity.
Bob: Rob passed out drunk last night..
so i gave him a SLIPPERY NINJA!
Ralf: WAY TA GO!
by Jon Delacruz May 04, 2006
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