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The act of squeesing the left testicle, twisting it counter clockwise four times. Compress the left testicle, you can use great force, or a hammer/mallet if you need to. Take the right testicle and twist it clockwise seven times. Then make a loop with your left testicle, as you would a shoelace. Forcefull insert your right testicle through the loop. Twist both testicles in opposite directions like a double helix. After this, make another loop with your right testicle and push your left testicle through that loop. Then release your testicles. The compression of the left nut will make it near impossible to undo. Then slide your right nut up and down just like a slip knot. To undo, use icy hot. Dont forget to Crisco your balls before hand. Enjoy.
Once the hot bitches saw my SlipBalls, they wanted me inside them.
by the guy with slipballs June 17, 2011
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