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A handsome young musician from Toronto, Canada who also played in movies such as The Tracey Fragments.

This was taken from his Myspace page:

“Slim Twig exudes the kind of cool we worshipped in Extra Width-era Jon Spencer's rockabilly punk chic and Genesis P. Orridge's extreme mixed-media weirdness, and that's hard to come by. ‘Gate Hearing’ sounds like it was recorded in an oversized oil drum with a mutant horse inside trotting the rhythm, a crew of zombies stumbling with the string section, a radiating synth cluttered with goo keeping it on repeat, and Slim's raging vocal - a howl that marries the uninhibited deliveries of Lux Interior and Ziggy Stardust.” – Cam Lindsay, Exclaim!

“For even more compelling evidence of Slim's progress, look no further than the EP's mesmerizing 10-minute centerpiece, 'Whiite Fantaseee', in which Slim's growing confidence as a performer dovetails with his early interests in exploratory composition, producing a future-shocked junkie-punk epic that plays out like Suicide's "Frankie Teardrop" re-cut with Lou Reed's "Street Hassle" string section... Like all fine actors, Slim Twig's real talent is making his fantaseee feel so real.” – Stuart Berman, Pitchfork Media

“Rising scene star Slim Twig and his Mercy Mercenaries darkly demented synth-rockabilly jams like the knife-slashing Brothl Hunting! and the hearse-driven Tormen have made their new Whiite Fantaseee EP into the grim grabber of the season.” – Tim Perlich, NOW Magazine

"An unhinged rockabilly hound who sounds like a kid brother to Nick Cave, Jon Spencer and Suicide’s Alan Vega, Slim Twig mixes eerie electronics with bare-bones rock ’n’ roll." - Jason Anderson, Toronto Life

"The Slim Twig recipe mixes equal parts rockabilly punks the Cramps, the acoustic blues of Skip James and New York new-wave synthesizer nihilists Suicide, a combination that makes for noir drama and high camp. But what makes this emerging Toronto performer's self-described 'dissonant folk' compelling is his compulsive soliloquist's flair, a direct but static-filled line into a collective cinematic unconscious" - Carl Wilson, Globe & Mail

"Slim Twig’s incendiary, electrified inside-out blues sounds like what might happen if you left a bunch of Elvis Presley LPs on a radiator, smashed them to bits with a hammer and re-assembled them for play on a turntable. In a word, otherworldly." - Sarah Liss, CBC News

"Derelict Dialect is definitely the strangest album I've heard in an extremely long time, it sounds weirder than anything I could possibly describe, it's worth checking out if you want to hear a true original." -

"If failure and rejection always led to dark rockabilly meets wheezy keyboards wrapped in tasty lo-fi production, Webster's would change the definition of failure to 'unequivocal success.'" - Andrew Robinson, The Coast

Slim Twig is a friend of abstraction. A performer, songsculpter, and concrete-rockabilly rebel based out of Toronto.

Slim is also 50% of the shambling shattering art-punk defunkts Tropics.

He can be seen in Bruce McDonald's Tracey Fragments as Billy Zero, and composed music for the award winning short film Letters From R.

Twig has gigged all around Toronto, and has opened for notable bands like Man Man & Born Ruffians. In 2007 he self-released his acclaimed 'Whiite Fantaseee' EP. In 2008 Paper Bag Records released two EP's. 'Derelict Dialect' & 'Vernacular Violence' have been raved about and puzzled over in equal measure. An LP of new material is due in 2009.
Slim Twig does not have a complete official site yet, but check out his music at:
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