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Short-lived fashion trend popular with mostly female preteens and typified by fraudulent "punk artists" such as Avril Lavigne, Lillix, etc.

Punk chic is the desire to appear rebellious or hardcore, while also appearing cute or attractive. Unlike classic punk, the mowhawk doesn't feature, the basic uniform consists of flat-ironed hair, either undyed or with a wussy wash out colour applied to it, heavy eyeliner, pink or imitation leather cuffs from Hot Topic or Claire's, sweatbands, Converse All Stars and a tanktop or shirt, either imitation vintage or featuring a band that the wearer does not listen to. Younger punk chic followers are normally seen wearing shirts with moronic slogans like "Girls Rock" or "Punk Kitty".

They are either unashamedly pop oriented or appear to be credible by professing to like a list of bands that their older siblings listen to.

Many pioneers of this blip in fashion history have since ditched the ties and gone gothic chic since Avril is out and Evanescence is in.

Punk chic has no bearing on any other form of punk.
"I'm going punk chic to impress those hot skaters. RAWK ON!"
by Clairefaerie May 21, 2004
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A way of life more than simpily a movement, created in 1989 bye James Taylor in Stafford England. a true modern punk who shyed away from the fame and fortune and stay true to PunK ethics. James grew up in a middle class family in stafford england at the age of 18 he started to create this interesting style to witch many have tried and most have failed to replicate.

pronounced, PunK ChiC (as if you were saying sheek) taken from the french word meaning style, elegance, a sense of ore.

its the ability to create a fashion statement mixing high fashion with urban fashion, with beautiful tattoo art work to match
wow look at that guy he's so fit and i love his style, you dont see people like him very often, he's so PunK ChiC
by scotty bramel June 07, 2011
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