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Slick Jim is rapper, poet, autism-awareness activist, philosopher and entrepreneur from Sugar Land, Texas. He has allegedly been involved with the SugarLand Soldiers (SLS) (A Houston-based criminal enterprise gang) since at least 2012.

Slick Jim is an avid supporter of the Sugar Land Skeeters, a local baseball team. He is known for his eccentric style of dress, eclectic style of rapping/singing, and his trademark "UGH!"; the latter, a loud guttural exclamation made to express satisfaction or excitement, often heard in his rap music.

Slick Jim works in a double-act collaboration known as Dirty White Boys with rapper/producer/ Doctor Freshbars (Dr. Freshbars/ Uncle Sam/ The Boss). Doctor Freshbars is known to have introduced Slick Jim to the U.K. based Grime music scene, as well as producing all of his music. Both artists are signed to Doctor Freshbars' record label, "Viet Cong Records", based in Kent, England.

Slick Jim is noted for his openness about his extreme autism (what he describes as "chronic autism"), as well as his dealings with the Houston Autism Center (HCA). Slick Jim accuses the HCA of physically, sexually and verbally abusing him as well as holding him hostage in 2016. The potential criminal trial is currently being analyzed by lawyers.

As of 2018, Slick Jim is enrolled at college and intends to enter the professional workforce and leave his (alleged by lawmakers and media sources) criminal life behind him; he is also currently taking a hiatus from music.
Have you heard Slick Jim's new song, "P*ssy Baggers/ Trap or Die"? It's tight!

Wow, Slick Jim and Doctor Freshbars went hard on that beat!

"Took a bullet through the bill of my Sugar Land fitted, bribed the judge with ten bills call that Sugar Land acquitted UGHHHH!" - exert from one of Slick Jim's more popular pieces of rap.
by Sugarboy1488 November 11, 2018
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