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A Slendich is a member of the sloth family that is native to domestic and urban areas of Australia. The Slendich can often be found moving slowly around, or searching for food with the feet dragging on the ground. This particular species of sloth are large, can reach up to 6 feet and have a characteristic hairy abdomen or chest. It is not unusual for this species to delve into drugs and take part in leisure activites such as skateboarding.
Examples of Sloth may be found in Ice Age, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, and David Atenborough's "sloth kingdom"

Person 1: I just saw Slendich
Person 2: Ah yes, there is one there, I think he may be trying to reach that vending machine.
Person 1: have you see Ice Age?
Person 2: No.
by bdizzleIPC November 15, 2011
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