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THE Sleep Train is the most comfortable bed in existence, not because of the mattress but because the most incredible man is the conductor and makes the sleep train better than heaven.
The sleep train is nothing w/o my conductor
by estloverrrrrrrrrrr January 31, 2012
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NOT the mattress company, rather it's the great equalizer, a force to be reckoned with. The sleep deprived all eventually take a ride on the sleep train, even P. Diddy. After days or weeks of sleep deprivation, eventually you get on board and don't wake up until many hours later, with an epic case of bed head, crusty eyes, and pillow creases in your face. Even beautiful people wake up looking like hell.
Dude, did you just get up? You've been asleep for like 14 hours.
Yeah, I haven't slept all week, now I feel like I've been hit by a train.
You look like shit. What's wrong with your hair?
I was on the sleep train and I couldnt' get off.
by lo fo sho November 07, 2010
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