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The sensation that something is coming at you while you are sleeping, usually ending up with the victim waking up and shaking uncontrollably. Can be related to sleep apnea (a real disorder) or presomination
When i tried to sleep last night, I had a major sleep attack.
by Matazaron December 07, 2007
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a state in which an individual is somewhat dead but still breathing . An individual in this state can not be held to any promises or actions done while being in this state 

Sleep attacks are caused by : long nights of heavy drinking ( rumple mintz) , your girlfriend/ boyfriend stating phrases such as "we need to talk ."  an individual all of a sudden deciding he or she does not wish to follow through with plans.

The transition : it starts off by a sudden request of " I just need five minutes of shut eye ... Just ten more minutes and then we can talk, go to the movies etc. ." at this point the individual has already begun the sleep attack transition. A sudden smack on the head is not recommended as an individual can not be held accountable for any actions during transition in or out of this phase.


WARNiNG : Contagious!
How to deal with ppl who have sleep attacks :
1) avoid cuddling in the middle of the day on a Friday / Saturday.

2) Neve use the phrase : " we need to talk "

3) Accept the condition for what it is ! Extrem exhaustion or BS. :)
by Illshowyouup2nogood May 27, 2012
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