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A medium sized penthouse dwelling animal, covered from head to toe in pubic type hair. Found mostly in Irelands capital city Dublin, the sleazesquatch has been known to enjoy travelling and there are reported sightings of this beast in Australia, South America and parts of engerland. The sleazesquatchs' staple diet consists mainly of tapas from the market bar and fine wine. Although usually mild mannered, when in heat the sleazesquaths' temperament can be described only as frenzied. During this time the sleazesquatch is known to slime from sister to sister in an attempt to further its existence by producing hairy offspring. It is understood that so far his attempts have failed. The Irish state recently put the sleazesquatch on the country's endangered species list, it now out ranks leprechauns and fairies. Further information on the sleazesquatch and the dangers it may pose to your sister/sisters can be found at:
A hoare may be considered a sleazesquatch.
by ilikeyou April 11, 2006
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