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A complex, painful, and pointless task assigned by a superior purely for his own self-aggrandizement in front of his superiors. Best responded to by a subtle act of malicious obedience that results in the superior's embarrassment, thus becoming a true Milwaukee slaw job.
"I'm going to be here all weekend on this, but when my boss tries to present this, this slaw job's on him because he doesn't understand the kind of math I'm using."
by downtrodden peon March 28, 2010
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A law enforcement term to describe a foolish and incompetent attempt to plant evidence on someone who is mistakenly believed to be guilty that eventually backfires.
"He looked like the right guy, so I planted some weight in his trunk, but it turned out to be a slaw job, and now the rat squad is on me."
by rotwald March 27, 2010
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