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One who wants the appearance of being a "gangsta" by using an excessive amount of street slang, thus making themselves look ridiculous.
Gangsta:" Hey Homie, what up?"
Slangsta:" Check this playa, I was fittin ta peep the scene at baby momma crib, when dis nigga rolled up and start mean muggin me. I was all, "hell nah nigga, you got me fucked up! I'm bout ta bust a cap in yo ass, cause I been in these streets since the cradle."

Gangsta: " Shut the fuck up, Slangsta!"
by Bunnyfitch August 02, 2013
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a gangsta with mad skills aka lyrical flow throwin slang around like no other. or product if u wanna apply it to the physical realm.
"original slangsta, eyes focused on the beautiful danger"- dilated.
by iNi<d>kca aka Nikhi Spliff March 19, 2009
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