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When two people under the age of 16 (UK) participate in any sexual activity, such as fingering, sex, blowjobs etc.
Here is a typical Slaggy couple scenario:

Tom walked home one night. there, dressed in only a bra and tracksuit bottoms, was the love of his life, Jess. He couldnt help but feel his eyes drift to her wonderfully large breasts supported by her skimpy red bra. he moved closer, his penis throbbing. She grabbed his tie, remove it and stuffed her well made small hands down his boxers. His penis pulsed like a fast heartbeat. Before tom knew it, Jessica removed his trousers, grabbed his now erect cock, and sucked like a vacuum. he was so excited and happy. He ejaculated the most amazing, thick sperm all over her face. He passed out he was so horny.
by footballfan99 April 17, 2010
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