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Slagal is an exotic, intelligent, unpredictable mythical female creature of unique beauty. Some say she combines the the hot looks of Rhianna with the class and brains of the laywer from the Scandal show. Occurs often that people look at her and wonder.."What happened, huh? What happened!"You never know what her next move will be and when you expect it the less, she's going to appear behind any door you'll open. Be careful though, don't be rude to her because she'll wear her hoops, put on her lipgloss and run away. As her friends, in her spare time she enjoys being awesome and fantastic. And of course, she makes the world a better place just by being herself as well. She should have her own reality show.She is not to be confused with "Slaggy" ,"Slaghut" or "Slagasaure"
- Check out that girl over there!
- She looks like a real Slagal!
by JuanBlan March 04, 2013
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