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Where someone who is a sleep gets hit in the face with a pillow or another swingable object near a bed e.g. a bed side table. But pillows are used the most

Also to get pumped/farted in the face when a sleep peferably in a sleeping bag.
You got a slabadash last night dik ed.
by [O_o] - JCH January 14, 2008
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Hitting someone across the face in one large swooping horizontal direction with your penis. Leaving a red mark on occassions.
Instead of using offensive language, Mark pulled out his penis and gave Lucy a trademark slabadash in the face, leaving a large red inprint
by Soppy May 05, 2006
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The act of preparing something quickly without regard or consideration for quality or aesthetics.
The fast food workers are always slabadashing my food and I don't want it.
by G-sas September 07, 2018
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