skywhale- skywhales \ sky (skahy) - whale (hweyl, weyl)

adjective, verb, noun

(A/The) "Skywhale" is used to describe something so absurd, ludicrous and seemingly pointless that it is snafu and can be subjectively or objectively observed as grand, beautiful or bizzare.
Person A: Did you see that expensive thing commissioned by the government to act as propaganda flying around the city and unknowingly destroy it's sense of identity?
Person B: "Yeah, that was really screwed up."
Person A: "No man, it was skywhale."

The American objections to gun laws are just 'skywhale'.

2 Girls 1 Cup was fucking 'skywhale!'

You're such a 'skywhale' Todd.

Damn that acid trip got me seeing 'skywhales'
by Nualer Rares May 11, 2013
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